Green Credentials

Green Credentials

We’re committed to installing green appliances and providing eco-friendly solutions for your commercial kitchen and bar needs.

Tailor Made recognise how important it is for a modern business to be environmentally responsible/green. We look forward to a greener future in catering design and are continuously improving our management and practices accordingly.

We focus on Commercial Kitchen & Bar Design, Supply and Installation and are committed to installing green appliances and providing eco-friendly solutions. Tailor Made work relentlessly with suppliers to ensure our clients have the very latest in eco-friendly equipment. Eco-friendly does not necessarily man more expensive; it can reduce running costs and saves energy in areas such as water, electricity and gas.

We endeavour to reduce our distribution carbon footprint, which is why we always try to source products made in the UK (i.e Induced Energy and Foster).Commercial Kitchen & Bar Design, Supply and Installation

Induction Cooking

MCS Cooktec = Eco-friendly cooking

Induced Energy induction tops are not only eco-friendly, they’re powerful too. Induced Energy induction offers the fastest boil-time available as well as being up to 70% more efficient than gas or electric.

All Induced Energy products feature the full 3kW of cooking power that professionals require. Recent tests have shown that the CS3000 range produces the fastest rolling boil in the sector. The new 3kW CS3000 range delivers the same power as our previous 3.5kW model. That’s energy efficiency.

Combination Oven Cooking

Rational and MKN = Eco-friendly combination oven cooking

The company Rational, make SelfCooking Centres which have intuitive controls, this allows for both efficiency and quality. These products can reduce energy consumption by 60% in comparison to traditional cooking methods. Equally, the products can create savings of up to 15% when compared to traditional combination ovens. This is because the product monitors and optimises the cooking process during every single second of cooking time. The design of the product also means there is no limescale build-up, so the steam used to cook the food is always fresh.

Rational did an experiment to measure the power consumption of a typical staff restaurant. The chosen restaurant served up to 200 meals a day and used two 101 (10 grid) SelfCooking Centre Units. The conventional equipment meant that the electricity consumption was around 6,300 kWh per month – Rational’s SelfCooking Centre reduced that number to 2,520 kWh per month. The company offer two types of combination oven: the CombiMaster and the top of the range SelfCooking Centre.


Foster Refrigeration = Eco-friendly refrigeration

Foster Refrigeration provide award-winning commercial cooling and freezing equipment, leading the way in the UK market. They manufacture a wide range of commercial fridges and commercial freezers, providing various products for the bakery, retail and foodservice industries. Foster Refrigeration are part of ITW – this highly successful global manufacturer possesses an unrivalled choice of efficient and eco-friendly products designed specifically for cooling and freezing.

Foster Refrigeration’s EcoPro G2 Cabinets, are built to be the best in their field and are specifically designed to out-perform the competition. Their cutting edge technology, low running costs and reliability, make them the first choice for any foodservice professional.

Every stage of the process, from design, to installation and recycling, is setup to be as efficient as possible in order to save you money. The process is much kinder to the environment too and saves a vast amount of carbon emissions, while maintaining commitment to food safety at all times. The EcoPro G2 provides a great way for you to meet your sustainability targets, while saving you a considerable amount of money in the process.


Meiko = Eco-friendly warewashing

Meiko are industry experts in warewashing and provide a variety of Dishwashers and Glasswashers. The company are world leaders in the development, manufacture and the distribution of commercial dishwashing devices; they know washing inside and out.

The company employ nearly 1,000 staff at their German manufacturing headquarters and they are world renowned for their high quality machines. These range from the small dishwashers you might install under a counter, to complete wash and waste management systems. The company will often create products that are bespoke to the customer’s location and premises. These bespoke appliances include vertical conveyors, rollers and lifts, throughput machinery, pre-wash, plus drying systems.

Did you know…

  • Induction cooking uses 90% of the energy produced compared to only 55% for a gas burner and 65% for traditional electric ranges.
  • A Rational SelfCooking Center can reduce energy consumption by up to 60% compared to traditional cooking methods.
  • When you purchase a Foster refrigerator, you can claim money back through the ECA Scheme (Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme).