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Commercial Kitchen Cooking Equipment 

Tailor Made can cater to all of your commercial kitchen cooking equipment needs – UK suppliers of Rational, BlueSeal and combination oven technology

From the energy efficient, to the premium ranges, Tailor Made will ensure you receive the commercial kitchen cooking equipment that is right for you to fulfill all you needs within the Commercial Kitchen & Bar Design, Supply and Installation sector. Our main suppliers include: 

Blue Seal catering equipment

With performance, reliability and a big range to choose from, Blue Seal have a large catalogue of products with over 300 in their range. They have earned themselves a reputation for manufacturing reliable, high performance equipment and have built this up over 30 years.

Blue Seal is one of the Britain’s best and most respected commercial kitchen cooking equipment brands. The Blue Seal product catalogue includes the Evolution range, which consists of 250 options. This includes heavy prime equipment, cobra-key items, medium duty and a prime equipment range. The Blue Seal catering equipment line-up also includes the new and expanded range of Turbofans, high-speed convection ovens and provers.

Tailor Made can also supply bespoke tabling and fabrication specifically designed to complement the Blue Seal range of products.

Charvet Premier Ranges

The big name in commercial kitchen cooking equipment – if you are looking for something special with a combination of durability and aesthetic appeal, then you need look no further. Charvet Premier Ranges also provide bespoke commercial kitchen solutions for smaller venues, with a selection of colours to choose from for your facility at affordable prices.


CookTek are experts in power, speed, efficiency and sensitivity. Throughout the world, professional cooks count on CookTek commercial induction cooktops. CookTek’s consistency and unparalleled precision, deliver the exact quality that chefs require again and again.

CookTek, offer counter-top cooktops and powerful induction cooktop ranges that heat food evenly and efficiently. Both possess energy efficient technology with surfaces that are easy to clean. CookTek allows you to enjoy a cleaner, safer and more efficient kitchen, that save energy and money, reducing your utility bills.

 Catering Equipment Professional

Catering Equipment Professional and its brands Cook Professional, Dishwasher Professional & Refrigeration Professional along with the unique Libero theatre commercial kitchen cooking equipment are now recognised as one of the leading group of brands in the UK. Bringing together the knowledge & experience of a leading world renowned manufacturer with Italian flair to give the commercial caterer in the UK “A Brilliant Alternative” when it comes to sourcing their commercial catering equipment.

The modular product lines ECO70 and ECO 90 stoves work well to anticipate your needs in the principal market segments like quick and full service restaurants and high productivity kitchens.

The new stoves incorporate a number of clever innovations to improve cooking efficiency and productivity:

  • The new high power Induction Top and woks increase performance and assures low heat emissions to increase savings and a better cooking environment.
  • The new Electric Hob Top offers small, labour-intensive kitchens increased productivity as compared to standard electric plates.
  • The exclusive “flower flame” burners guarantee flexibility and high efficiency. Because of their unique shape, the flame is precisely adjusted to fit pans of any diameter.

Induced Energy

Induced Energy induction tops are not only eco-friendly, they’re powerful too. Induced Energy induction offers the fastest boil-time available as well as being up to 70% more efficient than gas or electric.

All Induced Energy products feature the full 3kW of cooking power that professionals require. Recent tests have shown that the CS3000 range produces the fastest rolling boil in the sector. The new 3kW CS3000 range delivers the same power as our previous 3.5kW model. That’s energy efficiency.

MKN Cooking Equipment

For the perfect cuisine – MKN Power

No matter where you are – Berlin or Dubai, Paris or Saigon – you’ll find MKN kitchenware powering the first-class cuisine that is served in top-class hotels, restaurants and corporate canteens or luxury cruise-liners. MKN stands for the future in kitchenware solutions. They have a research and development department that provides tailor-made technology for every situation, optimizing all the elements for easy and efficient operation. But it doesn’t end there. Design considerations are equally important. Which is why they spend so much time on delivering a product that has immediate aesthetic appeal to everyone working with it.

Unox_The commercial oven specialist 

For those that are driven by the taste of building success, Unox provides intelligent and technologically advanced ovens, services and experiences that are inspired by Inventive Simplification and the Pursuit of Perfection.

Unox is a leading manufacturer of professional commercial ovens with over 70 different models providing a solution for every sector of the foodservice industry. Unox ovens stand for complete control of the cooking process with maximum creative freedom. Perfect, repeatable results with the reliability and energy efficiency as standard.

Unox is a technology driven company and the in-house research and development team keeps their products at the forefront of industry innovation. Following lean manufacturing processes, 97% of the oven components are manufactured by Unox, including the stainless steel, plastics, detergent and even power boards and control panels, ensuring the very highest quality and shortest lead times.

Available ovens – Gastronorm sizes – 1/2, 1/3, 1/1 and 2/1 GN sizes

Capacity in grids per compartment – 3, 5, 7, 10, 20