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Light and Ancillary Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Tailor Made supply more than 5,000 lines of light equipment and consumables. 

We supply a full range of processors, slicers, hot water boilers, mixers and everything else ancillary commercial kitchen equipment wise,  that you will need to support your operation in the Commercial Kitchen & Bar Design, Supply and Installation sector.

We provide a full front of house service, catering for crockery, cutlery, barware and theatre display.

Whether you are just starting a business or are looking for everyday essentials for your current operation, we can advise and provide you with what you need.

Sammic Preparation Equipment

Dynamic Preparation 

Since Sammic started its activity manufacturing potato peelers in 1961, the development of Sammic Dynamic Preparation family has been constant, currently offering the most comprehensive range of Dynamic Preparation and Food Preservation equipment in the market. Among the new features that can be found in these pages, we highlight the new range of vegetable preparation machines that consists of 3 models of vegetable preparation machines and 2 combined veg-prep – food processor models with a wide range of attachments, discs and accessories that make our offer the Right Choice for the most demanding users.

Commercial Water Boilers and Chillers

Instanta are a British manufacturer that has been making boilers in Southport, Merseyside since 1957. They produce top quality, innovative products that offer real value for money and deliver unrivalled reliability.

They produce a range of wall mounted, countertop or under counter water boilers and chillers providing an instant source of boiling and chilled water for your kitchen, staff room, coffee shop or office environment.

High Speed Grills and Panini from Roband

6 Slice Grill with smooth top plate

  • This versatile unit rapidly toasts sandwiches, panini and focaccia, in addition to producing beautifully seared and grilled tender meat, poultry and fish

  • Featuring elements embedded directly into smooth, high pressure die-cast aluminium plates, the cooking surface produces an even, extremely efficient heat transfer ensuring food is cooked rapidly with even colouration

  • The Roband Grill Station truly is a must-have for cafes, takeaways, sandwich shops or anywhere that toasting and/or grilling is required

Washing and Water


At tailor made we work with many of the best tap manufactures around the world, so where you need a tap for a hand wash basin or prep sink we can offer many options to suit your exact needs. We also offer an extensive range of pre-rinse sprays and sinks.


We also can supply racking to suit every space use. whether you are putting in a fridge or freezer, storing plates and ingredients or placing dirties on them. we can suggest the rack that is best for you, from heavy duty to dishwasher safe and mobile. 

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