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Bar Design

Bar Design – Fabrication and Bar System

We will design and install a bar unique to your needs and there’s a few options available.


Modular, Bespoke, Shop-fitted, Gamko Flex Bars, Free Standing


Units are prefabricated and offer robust uses and can be designed specifically/uniquely for the user. They are quick to install, need little to no maintenance and fit neatly with your bar area.


Bars are manufactured off site and entirely custom and extremely durable, usually built upona steel  structure. With lots of aesthetic options to deliberate over such as corian to granite or copper and brushed steel.

Shop fitted

Bars a popular option and can be made onsite, they tend to be slightly cheaper than the bespoke/factory made option above and can be just as unique to the eye.

Gamko bottle coolers & Flex Bars

is a multi-purpose modular system designed to provide you with exactly what you need.

Over 100 modules to choose from to offer you more flexibility 410mm and 540mm widths suitable for varying bar designs Easy to assemble on location Non refrigerated modules (cocktail areas) can be added. Front bar options available – including cocktail stations

Gamko’s bottle coolers will guarantee perfectly chilled bottled drinks on demand. Gamko’s product range includes: Maxiglass, E3 and Flexbar models. Gamko has the largest bottle cooler portfolio in the industry, for this reason – we can fulfil the needs of our wide range of clients, ensuring speedy customer service to suit your individual needs.

Free Standing

bars are perfect for outdoor areas or wherever you don't need a permanent bar. These self contained bars can be wheels out for special events and the sunny weather. The have everything you need to run a full drinks service from keg chillers and beer pulls to a bottle fridge so you can keep your customers well hydrated.

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