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BGL Rieber – Experts in front cooking, food transport & serving, and food service innovation

Rieber has the complete solution for your process, from storage to serving.


The vision of Rieber’s total system is to guarantee the best quality of food up until the point at which it is consumed. We provide the infrastructure for the entire cooking chain…

See the magic of the ACS Varithek front cooking self-ventilation system… no more cooking smells!


Cooking in front of customers raises awareness about the food offer, highlighting that food is being ‘cooked to order’ and communicating key messages such as the use of all fresh ingredients and healthy eating options.

Placing cooking stations in the front of the restaurant or servery brings energy to the offer; staff are out front interacting with customers, explaining and upselling the menu, making recommendations and helping choose ingredients for the finished dish.

K-POT electric chafing dish, new version, replaces hot food serveries. Fully mobile, K-Pot can regenerate chilled or frozen meals, as well as griddle, boil or fry, as well as hold hot food beautifully for service. Cold holding variants are also available

Caterers want to distribute meals as economically and efficiently as possible in line with statutory HACCP hygiene regulations.

Customers, be they patients, pupils, armed forces, B&I, hospitality or prisoners, appreciate being served food which is tasty and arrives at the right temperature. Rieber Thermoport is a range of stainless steel and plastic products backed up by the most experienced staff in the UK.

A wide choice of accessories include Rieber’s anti-spill lids, which will ensure all your food arrives at its destination, no matter how bumpy the road!

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