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The Boathouse - Guildford

The Boathouse is a brand new combined office space and fine dining restaurant with beautiful views as well as offering boat hire to help support local charities. We were asked to deliver a semi open plan kitchen and bar space to serve high quality food for both the co-working space and the locals of Guildford in a refined atmosphere.

The kitchen has a semi suited blue seal cookline featuring one of their brand new four zone induction units, The blue branding of cookline along with the steel benches compliments the aqua marine tiles of the kitchen. This is all seen by the customer through a Caesar stone based pass.

The canopy on this project was wonderfully complicated as the kitchen backed onto a co-working space so noise had to be kept to a minimum, coupled with the extract runs not being able to go through the back wall, the are neatly tucked down each side wall going through the floor in the car park. Another challenge of this extract run was we couldn't site any plant equipment on the roof, front, or either side of the building.

Due to the nature of the co-working and restaurant space being used for events alongside dining, the customer needed to be flexible with some of the refrigeration units. These have been installed with glass doors or wooden shelves to bring into trading.


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