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Commercial Kitchen Counters

We understand how important kitchen and restaurant counters are for your business.

When it comes to our customisable commercial kitchen counters and bar systems, we always design with the importance in mind. You can count on us to deliver both high functionality and aesthetic beauty which will meet your exact specifications, within the Commercial Kitchen & Bar Design, Supply and Installation sector.

Restaurant commercial kitchen counters


Designline and Kubus are companies that offer a range of modular food displays and accessories. These can easily be fitted into new or existing counter bases, or counters that have been shop fitted.

The products have a variety of display options: self-help, heated, chilled, assisted serve; heated, chilled deli and patisserie. You can also enhance the various selections you have made with ancillary items, such as cutlery condiment units, chopping boards and carving plus hotplate inserts.

You can also create a bespoke look, by combining these models with counters that have a free-stranding design, a wall-sited design, or an island design. These contemporary products, have intelligent digital control technology, and possess innovative touch safe materials, to ensure simple installation. This equipment is highly reliable and user friendly.

The Kubus drop in displays, provide a deco cubist companion, which compliments the classic elliptical Designline styling. Cabinet Kubus displays, possess a clean rectilinear design; this is complimented by their light ducts and chrome plated aluminium superstructures. This is all enclosed within toughened flat glass sneeze screens and or side panels.

Designline drop in displays, possess a highly practical clean and curved design. These products are also enhanced by lighting ducts and durable chrome plated aluminium superstructures. Like the Kubus displays, they are also enclosed within toughened glass sneeze screens and side panels. The products are designed and constructed independently and are CE approved to meet the latest European standards. Designline have various display options, including self-help, ambient displays; heated or chilled displays; assisted service heated displays; or assisted service chilled displays.

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