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20 Refits

Lounge Refits

A series of high-quality kitchen refits

The Brief

After many successful years of serving great food to loyal customers, some of Loungers’ longest standing kitchens were due an upgrade. Twenty sites across the country were refitted overnight and left with beautiful fresh kitchens ready for breakfast service the next morning.

The Result

With twenty sites to refit at a rate of one per week, this was Tailor Made’s kind of challenge – each site presenting their own unique quirks when it came to space, access and services.

Among the many improvements, each kitchen was fitted with high speed grills, ‘Lounge red’ conveyor toasters, high capacity preparation fridges and an array of custom fabrication.

The result for each site has been a greatly improved workflow, fast and reliable new equipment and a freshly organised space – all of which means even better service and happy chefs!

Special Thanks

A huge thank you to all parties involved, especially our talented team of engineers, the electricians on site and our suppliers for their invaluable training.

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