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Akebar Park – Wensleydale

The Brief

Akebar Park – Wensleydale  is an award-winning holiday park nestled in Wensleydale – the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. There’s plenty to see along with opportunities to enjoy the golf course and restaurant, The Friars Head.

Our aim was to transform an out-dated kitchen of the beautifully decorated Friars Head, in to a pleasant work space that utilised the uniquely shaped area to the optimum. The building dates back to the 1700’s and designing a modern kitchen to sit within was the challenge.

The Result

The kitchen sits centrally between the main restaurant on the right and the bar/pub on the left and provides service to both areas.

After much discussion, we opted for a back to back central cooking suite comprising of Blue Seal chargrill, target tops, range and salamander.

Behind each side of suite, the chef will find prep space, refrigeration and sinks, exactly where they would expect to see them.

Adjacent to the cooking suite is the heated pass and pass through hot cupboard. A new opening was created for the hot cupboard and pass which sits in the perfect location to service both the pub and the restaurant.

The kitchen really did take on a full transformation and in addition to the well thought out cooking suite we introduced a new and up to grade extraction system, a new and revised wash up area that included both a hooded machine and glass wash station, as well as a supporting dessert section.


Our engineers did a great job and we are really pleased with the result and it was pleasure to work with Jude and Tom and we wish them every success moving forward.

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