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Cosy Club Bath

The Brief

It was the height of summer when we got an exciting call from Loungers LTD to design and install their next Commercial Restaurant projects at Cosy Club Bath. Duty called us to the exciting city of Bath on this occasion—a city with the status of a world heritage site—famous for its Roman Baths as well as its other ties with history. We provided a variety of services to help get this exciting restaurant up and running within Bath’s busy shopping district.

The Result


Our many years of experience with bar and restaurant refurbishments was once again put to the test. The seemingly modest entrance of Bath Cosy Club, conceals a striking first-floor, which customers can access by either using a lift or some stairs—a space which is split between a bar and dining area with capacity for up to 300 guests.

A step onto this first floor, combined with a short walk towards the bar, reveals an area with a pale blue gin-palace-style bar, surrounded by leather club chairs, comfy looking sofas, art deco coffee tables and the other features and decorations you would expect from a Cosy Club restaurant. As an added bonus, there is even a pair of Art Deco uplighters taken from the set of Jeeves & Wooster!

The dining area has enough room for up to 110 guests and consists of the familiar Cosy Club attention to detail—an assortment of reclaimed tables, old leather dining chairs, a couple of antler chandeliers, as well as walls which have been covered with a combination of old prints and oil paintings. A further 66 people can be seated on the restaurant’s stunning balcony, which provides a great view of the streets below, while enveloping the lucky visitor in Bath’s characteristic Georgian architecture—complete with large stone pillars. It is truly one of the city’s best al fresco dining spots.

Our expertise with commercial kitchens and commercial kitchen design was once again put to good use with this venue.  We provided some outstanding commercial kitchen equipment, including back to back Blue Seal suites, a Foster walk in chiller and freezer, stacked convection ovens, a Meiko DV200 double rack dishwasher and more.

Special Thanks

We would like to give a special thanks to everyone who helped make this project possible and were delighted to work with Loungers again.

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