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Cosy Club Stamford

The Brief

Tailor Made land another exciting opportunity to help launch a Cosy Club for Loungers LTD. We travelled to Stamford in Lincolnshire—a town with a rich history with the architecture to match, that has been regularly touted as one of the best places to live in the UK. We were tasked with helping to renovate an old post office sorting building in order to transform it into the brand new restaurant.


The Result


The design of every Cosy Club complements the architecture of the building it is built into which gives it its own sense of character—Cosy Club Stamford maintains the magic formula.

One of the chief highlights of our bar and restaurant refurbishment is the unique red bar,  which adds extra warmth with a touch of grandeur to the comfortable and roomy open plan space it sits in. The restaurant boasts the range of tasteful features you would expect from a Cosy Club: paintings, flags, antler chandeliers and retro furniture—purposely chosen to create the unique Cosy Club atmosphere and experience.


We utilised a combination of our broad knowledge of commercial kitchens and our experience with previous Loungers projects to work some magic with the venue’s overall commercial kitchen design. The venue now has a fantastic Galley Style Kitchen made from 3 Foster PFS 2HRS arranged in a line, among other commercial kitchen equipment.

The decision to put the Foster equipment in a line came about because we wanted to enhance the preparation space for staff while maximising the overall efficiency of the kitchen itself.


Special Thanks


We would like to give a special thanks to everyone involved in this project. Once again we have delivered a fantastic result.

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