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Highdown School

The Brief

Tailor Made were motivated by the opportunity to refurbish an entire kitchen for Highdown School, Clevedon which even included changing the walls and floors. It is no secret that a good meal helps a child do better at school, so we were more than happy to use our expertise to provide a building block in this process.

The Result

This is a truly excellent new facility which includes:

  • Altro Whiterock wall cladding

  • Thermoformed Altro flooring

We also fitted:

  • A new gas supply

  • New plumbing

  • 2x Rational 10 grid cooking centres

  • Foster refrigeration

  • A large centre island extraction system (all interlocked)

We would like to thank all of the team for delivering this project. As expected, everything was completed on schedule and we made a significant improvement to the school’s previous facilities. At Tailor Made, we were proud to use our expertise to make a real difference where it matters.

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