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Portsmouth Football club Training ground kitchen

The Brief

Upgrade the training ground kitchen to allow the chefs to provide top quality tailored meals to ensure the players can reach peak performance on the pitch through correct nutrition.

The Result

We completely reimagined the kitchen, upgrading everything to work better for both chef and players.

The cookline, this was reorganized to provide a better workflow from the 6 burner to the combi as well as including additional equipment including a fryer and salamander to provide flexibility to the menu. This also gives them room to provide cooking services to the gym’s café allowing them to offer a larger range of food to the gym’s customers.

With the two customer bases (Players and gym customers) the kitchen had to be able to flow in two directions, firstly towards the new counter, providing all the clubs players with a full buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and secondly towards the café providing cooked to order meals throughout the day.

The potwash was also upgraded to manage the large volume or dirties being produced in a short period, as on some days site would have all their teams training together along with the training staff and support for the team. It was important to make the full kitchen and potwash as efficient as possible to allow the teams to get back training as fast as possible without any bottlenecks slowing service.

A large section of wall was removed between the kitchen and players this was then filled with a mobile servery, with two ambient sections with player side storage for plates and snacks so they can access healthy food throughout the day during breaks in training. A heated section for the main hot meal, a refrigerated multideck and platewarmers. Heat lamps were also installed above all food section for give improved flexibility. We also installed additional counter space FoH for toasters, fruit and other items the players may want through each meal or the day

To achieve the upgraded cookline a new canopy and extract fans had to be installed, along with a new coldroom.  

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