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Commercial Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment

Tailor Made can cater for all of your Commercial Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment needs

Coldroom experts

Due to the fact that Tailor Made have been working in the Commercial Kitchen & Bar DesignSupply and Installation sector for a number of years, we work with one of the largest manufacturers of commercial kitchen refrigeration  equipment in Europe. We are capable of making rooms with the smallest increment size in the industry (175mm) and we can do them in any colour too. When it comes to sheer quality, the German manufactured modular coldrooms are second to none.

Tailor Made possesses one of the UK’s largest ranges for the industry, when it comes to modular coldroom panels, refrigeration equipment and shelving systems. What’s more Tailor Made will deliver the right product straight to your door.

We have a vast range of coldroom options that can suit any requirements – from products with specific measurements and features, to special finishes like stainless steel and/or anti-bacterial coating. Whatever your requirements, we guarantee you a first class German manufactured product.


Foster Refrigeration provide award-winning commercial cooling and freezing equipment, leading the way in the UK market. They manufacture a wide range of commercial kitchen refrigeration equipment from fridges to commercial freezers, providing various products for the bakery, retail and foodservice industries. Foster Refrigeration are part of ITW – this highly successful global manufacturer possesses an unrivalled choice of efficient and eco-friendly products designed specifically for cooling and freezing.

Foster Refrigeration’s EcoPro G2 Cabinets, are built to be the best in their field and are specifically designed to out-perform the competition. Their cutting edge technology, low running costs and reliability, make them the first choice for any foodservice professional.

Every stage of the process, from design, to installation and recycling, is setup to be as efficient as possible in order to save you money. The process is much kinder to the environment too and saves a vast amount of carbon emissions, while maintaining commitment to food safety at all times. The EcoPro G2 provides a great way for you to meet your sustainability targets, while saving you a considerable amount of money in the process.


Williams Refrigeration is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of award winning professional refrigeration and has built a global reputation over the years for performance, quality and value for money. Our vast product range includes high performance, energy efficient and sustainable refrigerated cabinets and counters, blast chillers, coldrooms, back bar, front of house display and specialist bakery equipment.


Scotsman ice makers are well established in the ice-making world. Do you know how many different kinds of ice there are? Well, we do and along with our supplier, Scotsman we can recommend the right ice maker for you and your business. Here is a bit more information about the types of ice and products Scotsman produce:

Supercube Ice – The most popular type of ice cubes; a perfect choice for restaurants, pubs and clubs. Made in the famous Scotsman thimble shape, they are available in four different sizes.

Dice Ice – The shape of dice ice cubes provides maximum liquid displacement making this type of ice cube ideal for the general purpose of cooling drinks. They can be made very quickly and are ideal for outlets needing high volumes of ice, such as fast food outlets.

Nugget Ice – Nugget ice is made from random cylindrical sized pieces of hard compacted flake ice, which have a slow melt rate.

Cubelet Ice – Hands free dispensed ice made from hard compacted flake ice in a uniformed cubelet shape, with a slow melt rate.

Flake Ice – Flake ice is the most natural shape, extruded at a temperature just below zero degrees. Scotsman flaked ice suits a variety of applications including fisheries, laboratories and industry.

Scale Ice – Scotsman scale ice machines manufacture ice in a range of thicknesses, from 1.2mm as preferred by the food processing industry to 2.2mm as demanded by the fishing industry. Scale ice is produced in heavy-duty cylindrical evaporators designed for the most rugged applications.


Hoshizaki is widely considered to be the “Rolls Royce” of ice machines and is committed to providing an outstanding level of reliability and performance to ensure customers can depend on them season after season, year after year.

The range encompasses many machines that make different types of ice for different users across a wide span of industry sectors. All the machines bear the unique hallmark of quality that is associated with Hoshizaki.

Models include machines for Cube Ice, Cubelet Ice, Cylinder Ice, Crescent Ice, Flake Ice, Nugget Ice, Ball Ice, Star shaped Ice, Heart shaped Ice and Ice Dispensers. Machines range from models suitable for a small café or bar right through to large, modular, industrial models.


From gastronorm cabinets and counters to blast chillers and bottle coolers, Precision’s refrigeration meets the needs of the most demanding customers around the world, in a variety of foodservice establishments including restaurants, hotels, bars, fast food chains and production kitchens.

Using a blast chiller or blast freezer before you store food in your coldrooms will improve efficiency and save energy.


Gamko manufacturer and supplier of professional drinks refrigeration for the bar, leisure and catering industries.

Experts in professional drinks cooling.

Featuring:-Flexbar is a multi-purpose modular system designed to provide you with exactly what you need.

Flexbar is a modular bar system offering flexible cooled drinks storage. Available in a wide variety of front and back bar options.

Over 100 modules to choose from to offer you more flexibility 410mm and 540mm widths suitable for varying bar designs Easy to assemble on location Non refrigerated modules (cocktail areas) can be added. Front bar options available – including cocktail stations

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