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Roadside Dining

This project was a new concept launched by a well-established high street casual dining brand who had a vision to reinvigorate the roadside dining on offer in the UK.

Inspired by childhood road trips of days gone by, where the highlight of the journey was a stop at a roadside restaurant, this new concept offers a freshly cooked menu full of classic, comforting dishes, including a tasty brunch menu, brilliant burgers and proper pizzas, with lots for little ones, and plenty of vegan and gluten-free options.

Front of house the interiors have a cinematic quality – a British take on the great American diner, combined with some English quaintness, which is quite endearing. With inspiration from lots of transport motifs and booth seating with 1970s bus and tube train fabrics.

Back of house the kitchen is state of the art and home to unique equipment which is tailored to the specific needs of this revolutionary business. For example, one ton worth of specialist pizza equipment was imported from Italy - including a specialist heated dough press and a rotating base touch screen operated pizza oven. We also worked with Foster Refrigerator to create a new pizza prep fridge which would better support this kitchen and business model than other products that were on the market.

The bar not only serves tea, coffee and juice, but also shakes and ice cream – all ergonomically thought-out and prioritises speed of service. The sundaes are morish and the milk shakes add to the unmistakable American feel, make sure leave room for one if not both. 

We hope that you’ll see a 1970 inspired roadside diner on an A road near you soon.

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