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Roadside Dining

This project was a new concept launched by a well established brand to improve the options on long car journeys from fast food or a sandwich to proper comfort food in a comfortable environment. These sites which are popping up all over the country offer Burgers, milkshakes, Pizzas, pancakes, salads, curry and pasta. This offered a great challenge in the kitchen design and layout. What we achieved are stations that work together to produce different elements of each meal working towards the central pass quickly and efficiently which is essential for a roadside restaurant.

These sites also offer an excellent bar menu including milkshakes, coffee, beer, wine and cocktails. The bars are very compact at these sites as space is a premium with as much as possible dedicated to trading. This gave us the opportunity to design a bar with clever storage solutions, drawers to hide coffee grounds and covers for grease traps.

For this project we have developed a brand new fridge with Foster as no counter units on the market currently accept standard bakery trays for fresh pizza dough.

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