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Servicing & Planned Preventative Maintenance 

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We work with specialist catering and refrigeration service engineers to keep you up and running.

Here are a few key points of what PPM can offer your company alongside the reduced stress, reduced downtime and potential cost savings:

- Performing a high-quality PPM service to SFG20 standard including red/amber/green condition reporting, which will allow you to future plan for any equipment that will need replacing and to budget for it and when applicable always provide several options if an asset is deemed beyond economic repair.

- We use City and Guilds Accredited service engineers, they get to know your sites inside and out and have complete ownership of treating your business as their own, from managing their diaries to give you accurate response and attendance times to building long-lasting relationships with site contacts – we’ve got your best interests and the smooth running of your operation at heart.

- These extensive accreditations show that we only send a completely qualified team to work in your restaurant which in turn creates a safe environment for your team.

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