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Avonmouth truckstop

The Brief

Avonmouth Truckstop is a well-known venue to the trucking community providing a stop off to use wifi and catch up on social, grab a coffee and have a cooked breakfast or roast dinner.

Owners, Brian and Kate, had a vision to bring their dated interior in to present day. This involved refurbing the whole venue and reorganising the entire building.

The kitchen needed to move from one end of the building to the other and occupy old meeting/venue space that was no longer used. A brand new canteen servery was required along with modern cooking facilities.

There was no business down time at all during the build and all the work took place in the run up to Christmas.

The Result

The canteen kitchen (previously meeting space) is now home to a blue seal cooking suit, complimented with a double stack of Unox combi ovens. There is a centre island prep space and sinks directly behind to aid the smooth operation of the kitchen team. The kitchen is linked to two corridors; one for service and one for collection.

The room adjacent to the kitchen has been fitted with in integrated cold room and racking, providing more than adequate chilled storage.

Front of house, the long counter run connects the canteen with an existing shop. The counter houses two large assisted serve deli displays units, a brand new addition to the business, offering chilled drinks salads and hearty sandwiches for those in a hurry. The Espresso Essential bean to cup coffee machine brings an added dimension to the truckstop and the team no longer rely on instant.

The seating offered is a mixture of poser tables, general seating and comfy leather sofas.

The install took place in December, staff training on the 2nd Jan and by the 3rd Jan the new canteen was up and running and the old closed for strip out.

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