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Unox – The commercial oven specialist

For those that are driven by the taste of building success, Unox provides intelligent and technologically advanced ovens, services and experiences that are inspired by Inventive Simplification and the Pursuit of Perfection.

Unox is a leading manufacturer of professional commercial ovens with over 70 different models providing a solution for every sector of the foodservice industry. Unox ovens stand for complete control of the cooking process with maximum creative freedom. Perfect, repeatable results with the reliability and energy efficiency as standard.

Unox is a technology driven company and the in-house research and development team keeps their products at the forefront of industry innovation. Following lean manufacturing processes, 97% of the oven components are manufactured by Unox, including the stainless steel, plastics, detergent and even power boards and control panels, ensuring the very highest quality and shortest lead times.

Available ovens – Gastronorm sizes – 1/2, 1/3, 1/1 and 2/1 GN sizes

Capacity in grids per compartment – 3, 5, 7, 10, 20


The Unox CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ is the top of the range gastronomy combi oven, available in the PLUS or the ONE version, in electric or gas.

The combi oven is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any professional kitchen. By using convection, steam or a combination of the two, the combi oven can perform various cooking processes including steaming, roasting, grilling, poaching, baking, cooking sous-vide, regenerating and even smoking.

The Unox combi ovens offer even more functions than ever before with touch screen technology, ready-made cooking programs that can be launched at touch of a button, recipes that can easily be stored, shared and recalled, automatic washing programs, internet connection and easy access to consumption statistics and HACCP data.


The Unox BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ is the top of the range bakery and patisserie combi oven, available in the PLUS or the ONE version, in electric or gas.

The BAKERTOP has been designed specifically for the baking and pastry industry, with a 600×400 tray size, larger pitch and optimized air flow in the cooking chamber. By using convection, steam or a combination of the two, the combi oven can perform various baking processes with outstanding results. The BAKERTOP ovens can also be stacked together with accessories such as a Decktop static oven or prover to create a complete baking solution in less than one square metre of floorspace.

Key features:

  • Easy to use touch screen control panel

  • Steam, convection or a combination of the two

  • CHEFUNOX pre-set programs

  • MULTI.Time technology to manage up to 10 timers to cook different items at the same time

  • MISE EN PLACE technology to manage the loading times of different items to ensure they are all ready at the same time

  • MIND.Maps technology to create cooking processes made up of infinite steps by drawing a simple curve

  • ADAPTIVE.Cooking technology to automatically adjust the cooking parameters to adapt to any load size

  • Rotor.KLEAN automatic washing system

  • Data menu with consumption statistics and HACCP data

  • Internet connection

  • Small footprint

Key benefits:

  • Outstanding cooking performance

  • Highly versatile

  • Energy efficient

  • Simplified work flows

  • Low running costs and fast return on investment

 To arrange for a no obligation  demonstration at your premises Contact us to learn more about Unox – The commercial oven specialist.

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