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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Equipment, Fabrication and Interlocks

Tailor Made can help supply and install ventilation and Interlocks for your kitchen and restaurant.

Tailor Made have the capability to cater for all of your commercial kitchen ventilation equipment and interlock requirements as we have a long history of experience and expertise within the Commercial Kitchen & Bar Design, Supply and Installation sector. Below we have listed some of the factors that need to be considered – most of these are mandatory requirements.

All extraction systems are unique to the building to which they are fitted. There are island canopies and wall or ceiling mounted canopies. However, when they are used in conjunction with gas fired catering equipment, the requirements and standards are the same. For example:

  • Gas-fired appliances will require a supply of replacement air

  • Based on a standard height installation, the equipment needs to be at least 300mm inside the canopy overhang

  • The higher the canopy, the more overhang and possibly the larger the extraction fan(s)

  • Odour control should be considered in addition to noise attenuation

  • The canopy lighting should be installed at the correct Lux rating

  • When considering the weight of building fabric, the intended system and plant are very important

  • It is also important to consider planning permission, design drawings and local authority approvals

  • Regular certified cleaning and maintenance are needed if you are to be compliant

  • Fire protection

  • DEFRA and HVAC

Gas safety interlock systems are required in all commercial kitchens. Gas Safe regulations and BS6173, both require interlock systems to be fitted. This ensures that the ventilation system is working, before the gas can be turned on. In other words no extraction = no gas.

For further information contact our office or download the Health and Safety Executives fact sheets.

Kitchen Interlock Systems

Tailor Made’s interlocking systems are designed to interlock any mechanical inlet or extract ventilation system with your existing gas supply to enable commercial kitchens to comply with BS 6173 : 2009. Our systems include a master control panel, gas solenoid valve pressure or current sensors and 2 emergency stop controls.

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